What Makes This Program The REAL DEAL?

What do I get during the All Inclusive Sexy Vitality Program?


 1. Weekly personal coaching sessions are at the core of the Pure Vitality Program. The sessions are are clear, effectively structured and well prepared for you. 

During our sessions there is also time to answer your questions. You can address any of your concerns and I give you a clear explanation of why I recommend each specific step or action.


  2. After each session you'll all the infos discussed including diet recommendations, recipes and additional info material in your personal action plan

All the information will be available to you online via your private coaching folder.




3. In addition you'll be supported with effective mindset exercises that help you to stay focused on your goals. This gives you a solid base to gently integrate your new lifestyle choices into your daily life.




4. Your daily progress is tracked trough our shared coaching protocol.

It gives us insights in what is working well for you and where more focus is still needed.  

We track your nutrition as well as your specific health parameter, like sleep quality, skin health, emotional stability etc. 

The coaching protocol is also the communication tool in between our weekly sessions. Here you can write questions and feedback regarding your process. And I make sure you get the best support possible during the journey back to your full vitality. 



Is the Pure Female Vitality Program the perfect fit for you at this moment in time?

Only you can decide. 

I look forward to helping you to make an empowered decision.


How does it work?


First we take the time together to gain a clear understanding of your current health and life situation.

Afterwards we find out where YOU want to be at the end of the 12 week Pure Vitality Program.

What specific goals you want to have achieved by then?


My first priority is to support you to get from where you are right now to where you want to be. 

You set the goal and I support and guide you to get there.

We will track your progress over time with specific parameters that are important for your case, e.g. sleep quality, tiredness, stress level, digestion, skin improvements etc..


"Simple is beautiful." 


The Pure Vitality Program focuses on getting you maximum results with minimum effort and time.

I value simplicity and effectiveness.

This program is suitable wherever you are in your life. During your sabbatical, retreat-time or in the midst of a busy daily life, with work and family responsibilities. 

The personally tailored strategies are developed to be easily implementable into your daily life. Furthermore our live sessions will happen via phone or Skype. So you can be in the comfort of your own home or anywhere during your travels.



The 12-week Pure Female Vitality Program is a transformational journey. 



We embark on this journey together. You can be assured I'll be ready to support you all along the way to your set goal.

You will gain a deep understanding of your body; what prevents and what supports it to thrive fully.  



Reclaiming your full vitality needs first a deep understanding and then a change of what prevents the body from healing itself.

I am committed to deliver you the best guidance possible - with my knowledge, experience and lots of heart.

So you can reach your health goal in the most effective way and the shortest time possible.


As this journey is a life-changing step for my client, I guarantee you the best support possible.

The amount of clients I accept per month is limited. Quality comes before quantity. So I'll be there for you when you need me. 

Seeing the increasing wellbeing of my clients fulfils me with deep gratitude. 

The Pure Female Vitality Program is a choice to take care of yourself today to enjoy a more empowered life, full of energy and vitality tomorrow.


I am ready for your full power! Are you?

Find out how this program can support you to finally establish your lasting vitality and physical wellbeing.



If you've read that far, it is likely the Pure Female Vitality Program is a perfect fit for you at this moment in time.

But who knows? Let's find out! 


I look forward to supporting you to feel strong and full of vitality.