Become Your Own Allergy Detective

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You know your body best.

Make use of your knowledge to find your way back to living healthy and free of allergies.

Unfortunately allergies are on the rise. More than 150 million people are affected by allergies in Europe alone. And these are just the diagnosed cases. The estimated number of unreported cases is much much higher. Because often people are not aware that hidden allergies can cause a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Symptoms can be headache, depression, hair loss, weight gain or digestive problems. 




Did you know?

By 2025 probably half of the entire EU population will be affected by allergies. So says the latest prediction of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) .




   "Become Your Own Allergy Detective" helps you to find out

  1. Which of your symptoms might be allergy related and

  2. What the potential triggers (allergens) of your symptoms are.


The test has three parts and takes around 15 minutes in total to complete. After you've completed it, you will receive a personal evaluation via email within the next 48 hours. 


And best of all: It's 100% FREE!